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Innovative Carpet Care is the company to turn to for all your carpet cleaning needs in Covington, LA and the surrounding areas. We are a family owned and operated business that has been providing a quality carpet cleaning service for the community since 2005. Our company is serving residential, commercial and industrial customers in the area. Over the years, we have become renowned for our excellence in carpet care, cleaning and professional carpet restoration. People in the region count on us for their carpet cleaning needs – and we never fail to perform marvelously and leave them completely satisfied with the quality of our work. Also, we can clean your upholstery with the most advanced, environmentally friendly detergents in the business.

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Carpet CareWe are a fully licensed carpet cleaning service provider that is affiliated with the Better Business Bureau. Our company is available twenty-four hours, seven days a week for your convenience. We offer free estimates for our customers, and our prices are competitive and affordable. You cannot go wrong with choosing us – customer satisfaction still remains as our highest priority and we will do everything to earn your trust and respect.

Our employees know how to treat a carpet right. We are aware that carpets are often much more than simple coverings – they can be a truly exquisite item that adds special atmosphere and coziness to your home. That is why we treat carpets with respect. Our cleaning methods are advanced, and we utilize modern equipment and tools to make sure that your carpet is as good as new. Trust in our expertise in carpet care, and you will gain the benefits of dealing with a professional and reliable carpet cleaning company!

Carpet Cleaning ServiceSome people do not wish to have their carpets professionally cleaned. They say that we, the carpet cleaners, use toxic cleaning solutions that can be harmful for both the carpet and its owners. We do not know how other cleaning companies do it, but we do it right. All cleaning solutions we use are completely non-toxic and hazard-free. There is no danger to you or your family in using our services. Our work aims to improve the quality of your indoor air by eliminating the pollutants that often gather on your carpet. Let us take care of your carpets and you will sense the difference – this will be an important step on the road to making your home a safe, healthy living environment.

Our work is not limited to carpet restoration and cleaning. We also offer a professional upholstery cleaning service for our clients, as well as tile and grout cleaning. You can count on our professionalism and competitive pricing! We believe that everyone has the right to be able to afford excellent cleaning services for their home or business. Special discounts are also available for our clients – call us and ask!

When you find yourself in need of a professional carpet cleaning service in Covington, LA, do not hesitate to get in touch with us! Innovative Carpet Care knows how to take care of your carpets, upholstery, tiles and grouts in an effective way. By choosing us, you are guaranteed to receive a high quality service at a competitive price. Contact us now at (985) 966-4993 and don’t forget to ask about our special discounts.

by Terry Anderson on (985) 966-4993

Innovative Carpet Care is a true professional! My Persian carpets look amazing! Thanks again. Keep up the good work!